Friday, January 14, 2011

Here at last!

I live on an island in Maine, with all the iconic images that tends to conjure up. A Maine humorist has said that, in light of our image, our "brand recognition" if you will, all vacation shots here must include a lighthouse, a lobster and a moose. Getting all three in one shot would get extra points back home I would think. I've done the first two, but have seen only mink, not moose, out here. My intention in doing this blog is not to write about the islanders - this has already been done superbly by others (I'll give you the links on the next posting)- but the island itself. It's a bit of real estate with a sense of it's own place. I am fascinated that despite the changes of structures, people and fashion Peaks itself remains essentially the same. There are some fine illustrated books on the natural world here: an older one by Dick Baker on birds and wildflowers and a 2010 on wildflowers by islander Chuck Radis and his brother Rick. I recommend both (Peaks Island library has copies)as well as independant booksellers on Amazon.

I am expecting to give updates on what I see here as time passes. I don't expect it to be a nature study (I have no education for that!) but things passing throough or things passing by that caught my eye. I had wanted to start in spring and run through the seasons, but have obviously missed that time line by about 8 months, so will post 2009 and 2010 pictures and some new ones as the winter progresses (I hate snow, no so promises.) I have lots of photos up my sleeve, both on-island and off, on a variety of sights. A sample include those iconic lighthouses et al mentioned earlier, but too many sunset shots can make you crazy.(I read that Flickr has over 8 million and counting.)

I've been working alot with flower macros such as this fabulous amaryllis which bloomed this past November. She gave me some pretty chi-chi red when I was needing a fix for the greys and browns we all crave in that month. She has appeared in shows both here and in Portland.

"Lady in Red"

It's Maine in January so don't forget your woolies! (Common Ground Fair, 2009)

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  1. I look forward to more fantastic photos and writing from you!